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Zeiss Conquest V6 2.5 - 15X56 Riflescope Review - TALON GEAR

Zeiss Conquest V6 2.5 - 15X56 Riflescope Review




Next up in our product spotlight series Rab’s looking at an old friend, his tried and trusted ZEISS V6 Conquest 2.5-15 x 56. This model features the #60 reticle and ASV H turret.

Is this the best day riflescope in this price bracket, read on to find out.

We do hope you guys find the blog and video helpful, get in touch with any ideas for future reviews or questions you have about this kit, we’re always happy to help.


Product/Item Summary:

With a long heritage of manufacturing quality optics, ZEISS riflescope need no introduction. However, if you’re not familiar with this range, there are five Zeiss Conquest V6 rifle scopes to choose from and they are designed with hunting in mind. Whether you're into driven hunting, stalking, mountain terrain, long-range precision, or even hunting from a concealed hide, this range has you well covered.

This scope is the 2.5-15 x 56mm Ret 60 ASV H, it has a large 56mm objective lens and a 30mm tube. Coupled with the high-quality FL (Fluoride) Glass and enhanced T* lens coatings you get exceptional light transmission, up to 92% which makes this a great scope for first and last light shots.

Typically here at Talon we’re using this sort of scope on full bore rifles for deer management. Rab’s had this one on his Blazer for the past three years.


Product Spotlight Video:

 Jump into Rab's video review below.


Lets get into the details.

ZEISS V6 Conquest Features:

Physical Specs

Scope length comes in at 35.2 cm, the weight is 725 grams so its not a heavy scope by any means, it has a 30mm tube feels quite compact. The build quality is obvious, it is top notch.



The #60 variant of this scope is in our opinion a great option for UK hunters, a simple, uncluttered crosshair, nice a fine, with an illuminated red dot, with variable brightness in the centre. Located in the second image plane. For us as hunters we really do enjoy this type of illuminated rifle scope, it works well in the field. See below.


ZEISS V6 Conquest Riflescope Reticle #60 Illuminated


Fiber optic illumination

The adjustment of the illuminated reticle is a simple, even when dealing with cold or gloved hands. There is an adjustment dial on the side of the scope, its infinitely adjustable so you can get the perfect illumination and not blow your night vision!

At the highest brightness setting, the illumination becomes powerful enough to be visible even in bright daylight.

The system operates on a single CR2032 battery, conveniently placed in an easily accessible battery compartment, which is totally waterproof.


Automatic turn-off feature and power indicator

One of my favourite Zeiss Conquest Features.

The illuminated reticle has an automatic shut-off feature when the rifle is tilted 70 degrees up/down or canted more than 45 degrees, the reticle switches back on when the rifle is returned to the shooting position. There’s also an auto shut off that is activated after a period of inactivity, so no more flat batteries!


Parallax adjustment

On the Conquest V6 2.5-15x56 model there is no dedicated parallax adjustment turret as such. The scope is fine tuned to 100m and honestly you need to be looking really hard at high magnification to see even very slight parallax errors.


Elevation turret

The elevation turrets on this hunting rifle scope are superb, another high-performance Zeiss Optics feature.

The Zeiss ASV V6 ballistic elevation turret gives easy bullet drop compensation adjustments for shooting over long ranges. Simply lift the turret, adjust, and lower. Simple as you like.

The clicks and the feel on the elevation turret are reassuring, as you would expect on the top rifle scope. The turret's design and engineering precisely executed, adjustment is effortless even using a gloved hand.

This is a real benefit if your are hunting in close quarters and then out onto open ground, looking at longer range targets. As long as you know your ballistics and you can range effectively, you can dial in using the turret with ease.


ZEISS V6 Conquest 2.5-15 x 56 Long range scope ballistic turret


Windage turret

Located conventionally on the side of the rifle scope and used for initial zeroing or if you want to adjust to compensate for cross wind in the field.

Windage adjustments are 1cm at 100 meters, with 2 meters of adjustment to zero your rifle. Resetting windage to zero is effortless – just pull the dial outward and turn it back to the center, no extra tools are needed, its really easy.


Magnification ring

The magnification ring has a comfortable grip and is smooth and easy to use out in the field. The range 2.5-15 means this scope can handle driven game all the way upto long range shooting.

There is a throw lever that you can get for the scope, this allows a really refined operation. We tend not to use them though as they get snagged on trees etc.


Zeiss Conquest V6 2.5 - 15X56 Focus Ring



What sets the Zeiss V6 Conquest apart?

So after three years of hunting with this we can tell you that at its price point, for hunting at last and first light, its very difficult to fault it. It has superb low light performance, great build quality and an excellent illumination system.


What's in the box, Warranty & Aftercare:

Bikini scope covers, cleaning lense, manual, the usual stuff you would expect.

Warranty wise ZEISS backs your riflescope purchase with a ten year warranty on manufacturing defects in the mechanical and optical parts as well as a two year warranty on the electronic components. 

So any issues in this period are either fixed free of charge, or will be replaced with a new equivalent product.

Aftercare. We’ve not had a lot of experience with this as ZEISS products tend to last, however, any dealings we have had have been professional and prompt.


Hunters Perspective:

So that’s the specs, but what we care about as Hunters it how it can make your life easier and more successful out in the field right?

Rabs Review:

Prior to starting Talon I had this scope on my Blazer, and guess what, its not coming off. Its hard to fault this scope, as a tool for the job of deer management and day time foxing it superb. The build quality, the light gathering and the confidence the scope gives you versus the price is impressive. I do own a few hunting scopes, but this might just be my favourite.


Main Pros and Cons:


  • Low light performance is incredible
  • Build quality, its rock solid
  • The fine reticle and illumination is great for hunters
  • Price point, its a lot of scope for the money


  • Throw lever can catch on trees
  • The clicking sound on the Illumination dial when lifted is annoying


Round Up:

If you’re looking for a mid-top range scope for hunting in the UK this scope will not disappoint you. Yes there are more expensive scope, and cheaper ones you can consider, based on your budget, but if your wallet allows, this is a cracker. Solid, great low light performance and real heritage.

Its lapped up all the rubbish conditions Scotland can throw at it and keeps coming back for more.


Buy it now: 

Want to get your hands on one of these scopes, click on the image below and it will take you to the product page on our site. If you've any questions on this or need advice on your next bit of hunting kit, just drop us a call.


 Buy ZEISS V6 Rifle Scope UK






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