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Thermtec WILD 335/ 335L Thermal Monocular


ThermTec WILD 335 & 335L Thermal Monoculaur

ThermTec WILD series – the latest series of handheld thermal imaging monoculars specially designed for hunting and outdoor use.

The WILD series range from entry-level to top end high-performance devices, and include the option of an integrated laser range finder in the L series -  different models to meet the different needs of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts

Innovative design and excellent in field performance, the Wild series really hits the mark.

Some of the great features of this kit are as follows:


Improved Diopter Adjustment: Based on feedback from our customers, we have improved the diopter adjustment by placing it at the back of the device. This ensures that nothing gets in the way and you have a clear field of vision.

New focusing technology: Our WILD series offers an innovative focusing technology that makes it possible to perform focusing with just one finger. This feature increases ease of use and allows for precise focusing without any extra effort.

Optional Integrated Laser Rangefinder (LRF): Despite its compact design, the ThermTec WILD series offers a powerful laser rangefinder option for precise distance determination. By integrating artificial intelligence, the device can not only measure the main target, but also identify adjacent targets and calculate their distance.

Replaceable battery: Based on our customers' desire for longer service life, we have equipped the ThermTec WILD series with a replaceable battery. This high-capacity 18650 battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use and can be quickly replaced when needed.

Robust housing: To meet the requirements of outdoor use, the WILD series has a robust housing made of rubberized magnesium. Not only does this case provide excellent protection against bumps and drops, but it also feels comfortable to hold and retains heat for use in cold weather.

Improved sensor: With a highly sensitive sensor and a NETD of ≤18mK, the ThermTec WILD series delivers razor-sharp images with an exceptional level of detail, even in difficult conditions.

Other features: In addition to these key features, the ThermTec WILD series offers a variety of other features, including user-friendly operation, long operating time, intuitive application and much more.


Resolution 384×288 mm
Pixel pitch 12μm
NETD 18mk@300k
Spectral range 8-14μm
Refresh rate 50Hz
Detection range 1800m
Lens diameter 35mm
Field of view 7.5° x 5.6°
Magnification 3.3X
Digital zoom 1-4X continuous zoom
Eye relief 40mm
Exit pupil 6mm
Display ±5D
Diopter ±5D
Screen resolution 1024×768 mm
Display size 0.39 inches
Palette 6
Picture Mode Forest/Target outline
Photo/video playback Yes
Language Multilingual
Built-in memory 64GB
AI Distance Measurement Yes
Heat Track Yes
Real-time notification Yes
OSD Recording Yes
Electronic Image Stabilization Yes
Built-in battery

Replaceable and rechargeable

Li-ion battery (18650×1)

Battery 10 hours

Supports battery charging,

data transfer, USB video playback

Hot spot Yes, app remote control
Working Ambient Temperature -20°C—+50°C
Protection IP67
Weight, g 550±5g
Size, mm 190.2(L)x69.3(W)x76.5(H)
External Cable USB cable
Other Accessories Wrist Strap / Protective Cover 
Laser Range Finder (Optional)  
Safety class Class 1
Wavelength 905nm
Reach 1000m
Accuracy ±1m

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Thermtec WILD 335/ 335L Thermal Monocular - TALON GEAR

Thermtec WILD 335/ 335L Thermal Monocular


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