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InfiRay EH35 Thermal Monoculuar


InfiRay EH35 Thermal Monocular

The new Infiray EH35 Hand Held thermal imaging monocular delivers high performance thermal imaging, at an incredible price.

With a 640x512 12 micron sub 25mK NETD sensor, and 35mm lens, the Infiray EH35 is the perfect thermal spotter for deer stalking, woodland observation, wildlife surveillance and for vermin control.

The Infiray EH35 features the newest image algorithms, and is equipped with a high-performance thermal sensor with a NETD<25mk to deliver sharper and more realistic images via the 1440x1080 AMOLED display.

With a 2x to 8x magnification, the EH35 provides a wide field of view for observing in woodland, but is able to deliver long range details with minimal pixelation.

The built-in Ultra-clear mode, which increases clarity and overall image detail, is designed for use in bad weather conditions.

New Scroll Wheel Design

The EH35 employs a new scroll wheel with dual action features, such as "Rotate + press down" which can perform most of the operations done by traditional buttons to achieve a more efficient operation, even when wearing gloves.

Cool/Warm Image Hue

Users can experience visually clearer imaging quality in rich detail, and highlight targets under cool hue, while warm hue gets softer imaging and avoiding visual fatigue brought on by extended duration observation.

Feature & Specifications

  • 640x512 12 Micron sub 25mK NETD sensor
  • 1440x1080 HD AMOLED Display
  • Up to 1800m detection range 
  • 2x to 8x Variable Magnification
  • 35mm Objective lens
  • Built in Li-Ion Battery pack 
  • Weight  480gr
  • Dimensions 54x200mm

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InfiRay EH35 Thermal Monoculuar - TALON GEAR

InfiRay EH35 Thermal Monoculuar


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