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InfiRay IRIS IL19 Thermal Monocular


InfiRay IRIS IL19 Thermal Monocular

The new Infiray IRIS IL19 hand held thermal imager features a sub 20mK NETD thermal sensor, with Reality Plus image algorithms to deliver outstanding performance, in an ultra compact, and lightweight unit.

A ultra high performance F0.9 lens provides incredible image quality,  20% better performance, when compared with a regular F1.0 lens, generating brighter and clearer images with up to 1300m detection range with 2x to 8x variable magnification.

The self-developed sensor provides stable and outstanding performance, with a NETD<20mK, guaranteeing superior image under harsh conditions.

The Infiray Iris is equipped with a variety of colour palettes, among which the red and green palettes are designed to prevent eye fatigue, allowing for comfortable long-time use.

Powered by an 18650 battery which gives up to 5hrs run time from a single charge.


  • 384*288, 12μm sensor
  • SUB <20 NETD, mk
  • 50Hz, 19mm lens,
  • 18650 replaceable battery
  • 2x to 8x Magnification.
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Up to 1300 Detection Range
  • AMOLED 1024x768 Display 

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InfiRay IRIS IL19 Thermal Monocular - TALON GEAR

InfiRay IRIS IL19 Thermal Monocular


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