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InfiRay MATE MAH50R Thermal Clip On With LRF

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InfiRay MATE MAH50R Thermal Clip On With LRF

The all new Infiray Mate MAH50R thermal add on delivers a technological transformation in front mounted thermal imaging clip on devices.

Featuring built-in LRF and ballistic calculation capabilities, significantly enhancing the hunting experience and allowing you to measure ranges and automatically adjust your point of impact using the state of the art ballistic calculator.

The new model is equipped with InfiRay's high-end proprietary thermal sensor with 640x512 resolution, @12µm, and sub 18mK NETD sensitivity, providing users with crystal-clear thermal imaging, Mate MAH50R adapts to day scopes with up to 10× magnification while maintaining excellent image detail with up to 2600m detection range.

Integrated Ballistic Laser Rangefinder

Introducing the innovative clip-on thermal product with an integrated Laser Range Finder (LRF) capable of 1,200m. It offers high-precision distance measurement and dynamic display, aiding hunters in quickly and accurately determining distances.

Mate MAH50R strategic and precise ballistic calculations, ensuring each shot is accurately delivered. Hunters can more accurately predict the bullet trajectory, thereby increasing the likelihood of hitting the target. It also helps in understanding the potential endpoint of the projectile, reducing the risk of accidental injuries and other safety hazards.

Magnetic Battery Packs

The device comes with additional magnetic battery packs for ease of carrying and installation, extending hunting time without the worry of battery depletion.


Model MAH50R

Weight 550g

Dimension, mm 147*75*73

Display 1024* 768


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InfiRay MATE MAH50R Thermal Clip On With LRF - TALON GEAR

InfiRay MATE MAH50R Thermal Clip On With LRF


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