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InfiRay Tube TH50 V2 Thermal Rifle Scope


InfiRay Tube TH50 V2 Thermal Rifle Scope

Being the top-end thermal scope of Tube Series, TH50 V2 is equipped with an all new sub 25mK InfiRay 12 micro 640x512 sensor with advanced image processing algorithm which has excellent performance in dealing with even the slightest temperature difference presenting detailed vivid imaging.

The new Infiray Tube TH50 V2 adopts an all new 2560x2560 1.03”Micro-OLED display to provide finest observing experience with excellent optical parameter of 3.5x optical magnification and 8x eyepiece magnification, no need to stare into the screen like you used to, therefore the visual fatigue caused by the long-time observing can be prevented.

The Infiray Tube series TH50 thermal imaging riflescope inherits the classic day scope streamlined exterior with superior performance.

On this basis, the TH50 makes the pioneering and innovative use of a new 2560x2560 HD display to achieve the first time in the industry. The 1.03' OLED display expands the field of observation, improves the image clarity and contrast, and significantly improves the observation comfort.

Better Image Quality

Featuring the self researched, high performance 640x512 12 micron sensor to provide high image quality and detail.

High Definition Round Display like natural day optics

The application of the 1,03" screen is groundbreaking and innovative to the thermal riflescope industry, which provides the scope with a more comfortable viewing experience.

Ultraclear mode

When Ultraclear mode is on it provides the TH50 with even better image quality when the weather is poor such as raining, fog or even snow.

5 Practical Color Palettes

The Tube TH50 comes with multilple different color palettes which are white hot, black hot and red hot, which you can choose to suit different situations. The hot target highlight mode is particular owned by InfiRay to help you highlight the target and blacking the rest, target will become easier to identify while the background turns into black.

Laser rangefinder module pictured is an optional extra.

Features & Specifications:

  • 640x512 Thermal Sensor
  • 12 Micron Pixel Pitch
  • Field of View 8.8x7.0
  • Sub 25mK NETD
  • 50Hz Refresh Rate
  • 50mm Objective Lens
  • 3.5-14x Magnification
  • 50mm Eye Relief
  • Up to 2600m Detection Range
  • Up to 8.5hr Battery Life
  • Dimensions 365 × 85 × 75
  • Weight <950gm


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InfiRay Tube TH50 V2 Thermal Rifle Scope - TALON GEAR

InfiRay Tube TH50 V2 Thermal Rifle Scope


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