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InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 Thermal Rifle Scope


InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 Thermal Rifle Scope

The Infiray Tube TL35 V2 is an advanced thermal imaging riflescope with the same design characteristics and look and feel as a traditional day scope delivering up to 1800m detection range via a 384x288 12 micron sensor, for crisp clear well contrasted images in all weather conditions. The Infiray Tube thermal riflescope features an advanced 12 micron 384x288 thermal sensor to deliver incredible performance, for hunting and vermin control with a man sized detection range of up to 1800m with clear identification at long ranges for those accurate shot placements required for hunting at night.

High Image Quality

The Tube Series is designed for faultless operation in extreme weather  and temperature conditions. Whether or not the environment is  freezing cold or blistering hot, the image retains its contrast and vivid  colors without loss of frame rate.

Picture-in-Picture Function

The Picture-in-Picture function improves accuracy by  providing a 2x-magnified image of the reticle area at the top  of the display. It helps to zoom in on a target while maintaining  visibility of the entire field of view.

Extreme Detection Range

It combines the advanced thermal imaging  sensor and the high-quality germanium  optical lens to provide an unprecedented  detection range up to 1800 meters, even in  complete darkness.

Built-in Video Recorder and  WiFi Connection

16 GB internal storage provides 24 hours of video recording capability, or  approximately 20,000 images of photo storage. WiFi mode allows for up  to 4 connections simultaneously.

Ultra Clear Mode

Built-in ultraclear mode is designed for  bad weather conditions, such as heavy  fog and rain. It will make the Tube series  more sensitive and capable of providing more details.

Mounts on Standard 30 mm  Scope Rings

Applicable for 30mm diameter pipe, the newly designed tubular appearance allows the Tube series to be installed on standard 30mm scope rings, with simple operation, stability and reliability.

Sufficient Operation Time and  Flexible Battery Choice - up to 10hrs run time

The working time of bulit-in battery is up to 8 hours,  and the replaceable 18500 battery will provide an  additional 2 hours of operation.

Features & Specification:

  • Sensor: 384x288 12 micron
  • Display: 1280x960 LCOS
  • Magnification: 3.1x to 12.4x
  • Detection Range: 1816m man sized object
  • Eye Relief: 60mm
  • Battery Life- Up to 10hrs run time
  • Built in Memory - 16gb
  • Weight: 900grams without battery
  • Dimensions: 385x85x75

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InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 Thermal Rifle Scope - TALON GEAR

InfiRay Tube TL35 V2 Thermal Rifle Scope


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