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The SA62 Thermal Scope, 45mm with LRF,  from PARD is a compact and lightweight infrared thermal imager for rifles. It features a ballistic calculator that can precisely determine a bullet's travel distance and then indicate an auxiliary crosshair on the side. This helps with accuracy over long distances. Included with the scope is a 45mm lens with 2.8x optical zoom, 2-8x digital zoom, and a 9.7 x 7.3° field of view.

This scope also comes with a laser rangefinder that allows you to achieve accuracy at longer distances with quick target acquisition. The SA62 has a foldable lens cover, a focus lever, mute buttons, and a power/sleep button. Other features include picture-in-picture, a gyroscope, a compass, and more.

Features & Specifications:

Ballistic calculator.

  • Become a more proficient shooter.
  • Boost your accuracy with smart technology
  • Precise trajectory for long range targets.

If you seek a dependable and reliable device, then the SA32/SA62 more than delivers. The ballistic calculator can precisely calculate the bullets travel distance and then indicate an auxiliary cross-hair on the sideand gives you precise trajectory which enables you to hit long range targets. It is now more accurate providing users with smart techballistic solutions for all your parameters in real time. The new improved ballistic calculator is smooth and absolutely reliable and enables users to undergo a professional and precise shooting experience whilst outdoors. Now you can hunt and shoot knowing you will never miss a target, shot-after-shot.

Extremely sensitive thermal image sensor

  • Distinct Details
  • Higher image resolution and clarity
  • Extremely sensitive

The 12um,NETD25mKsensor can integrate more pixels giving you a higher image resolution and clarity and allows you to experience precision detail recognition during the roughest weather conditions when thermal contrast is low. The new cutting-edge sensor is designed with advanced technology to give an organic and rich imaging. The new system is now more sensitive and has an impressive ability to detect subtle differences in temperature. The 50Hz frame rateoffers strong dynamic capture ability. No picture smearing delay, the images are optimized to give you vivid images of consistent sharpness and higher clarity.

Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm (IREA)

  • Exceptional recognition of targets.
  • Lightning speed processing capability.
  • Correction of image distortion.

The SA32/SA62 uses proprietary software, cutting-edge electronic components and signal-processing algorithms to deliver one of the industrys highest values of sensitivity in infrared spectrum (nighttime sensitivity). Engineered to provide exceptional detection and recognition of targets, strongerhigh-speed processing capability andcorrection of image distortion.

1200M Laser Rangefinder

  • Explore further
  • Accuracy at long distances
  • Quick target acquisition

Offering an impressive measuring detection range ofup to 1200 metersallowing users to precisely acquire their targets in a much longer range.The volume of the ranging module has been reduced by 70% and the performance has been improved by 50% delivering absolute precision in any hunting situation you might find yourself in. It makes this thermal imaging device the perfect tool for any hunter or shooter looking for long-range solutions that provide unrivaled performance and great value.

Self-activated Recording
Intelligent Recording. Record thrilling moments.

By turning on the self-activated recording, the device will automatically record in 20 second intervals when it senses recoil from the shot. The incremental 20-second video footage will be saved on the TF card.

Shutter Correction
The new advanced shutter correction function offers cutting edge elevation in image optimization when responding to changes in ambient temperature. It automatically updates the offset correction coefficients and adjusts image quality according to specified requirements. This results in a more static image and provides tack sharp clarity boosting detector accuracy.

Video recording Playback
Capture photos and record videos whilst on the hunting field.

Featuring a 1024*768 OLED HD display. Images are smoother and have more detail. You can take photos and videos, anytime and anywhere. The device can support up to 128G external storage, so you dont have to worry about running out of storage space. Capture thrilling moments on your hunting trip and share high resolution images of your outdoor adventures on social media.

Built in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your phone, PC or tablet as an external viewfinder enabling users to synchronously see the photos and videos on a larger screen. Wi-Fi connectivity is fast and lag free providing you the option to transfer images and videos instantly on the go. Android users can download OKCAM, ppshow and for Apple (IOS) users can download Roadcam app to connect to Wi-Fi.

3 Scene modes
Featuring a quick switch function to choose between 3 scene modes (city/forest/rain). The image will be adjusted according to the selected scene mode offering exceptional adaptability in different environments.

Multiple Color Palettes
Featuring multiple color palettes: white hot/black hot/red hot /iron hot/edge/sky mode. You can choose any color palette to perfectly highlight a target. The user can select the appropriate color palette according to different environmental backgrounds during different weather changes.

Multi-focal length optional lens
19/25/35/45mm multi-focal length optional lensareavailable. The small lens brings a wide field of view and the large lens helps the shooter to effectively identify various targets. Experience more comfort when observing targets in different environments.

6 reticle options
6 reticle options are available for better aiming visibility. You can choose up 4 different colors. There is support for multi-user personalized settings, when you change your rifle.

Recoil Resistance
The SA32/SA62 comes with an impressive recoil resistance of 6000J. Its recoil proof and suitable to withstand the recoil of high caliber rifles.

IP67 Waterproof
Packed and ready for any outdoor adventure and extreme rough weather conditions. This device comes with waterproof IP67 rated protection which ensures that the device performs perfectly in a variety of outdoor harsh environments such as wet and moist weather. This takes away much of the worry and headache from shooting outside and allows you to keep shooting even in snow for operational reliability.

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