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Thermtec Cyclops D-series CP340D Dual-FOV Monocular 384 12um 25mk 20/40


Thermtec Cyclops D-series CP340D Dual-FOV Monocular 384 12um 25mk 20/40

Bring on-demand thermal surveillance for law enforcement and security professionals, as well as outdoor enthusiasts for hunting and recreation.

Compact and portable thermal imagers quickly detect objects of interest and boost situational awareness, allowing users to scan fields, forests, and urban environments, even in severe weather conditions and challenging environments.

Dual-Field of View with 2x Optical Zoom

• A wide FOV with a focal length of 20/25mm can be used for detection;

• A narrow FOV with a focal length of 40/50mm can be used for identification.

GPS Function

• Enable users to know their coordinates in real-time, which makes field activities safer.

High-Precision Zoom

• Continuous 1.0-6.0 HD zooming ensures excellent sharpness and the highest resolution of details from minimum to maximum magnification

Perfect Ergonomic Joystick

• Balance the central of gravity, and provide an easier and outstanding handheld experience.

• The well-designed joystick performs an easy operation on the menu operations by toggling the button in any direction

Two-Way Wi-Fi Connection

• Support both Wi-Fi and hotspot connections;

• Real-time image transmission

High Degree of Protection

• IP67 water-proof, dust-proof and fog-proof;

• 1m drop resistance

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Mode VS Target Mode

• Designed with WDR and target modes, it captures details clearly under different scenarios as needed. WDR Mode is suitable for high-contrast lighting conditions, while Target Mode helps you to focus more on your targets.

AI Rangefinder

• Automatically measure the target's distance

• Based on independently developed deep learning algorithm, the monocular is able to automatically measure the object distance and enhance the accuracy of shooting

Automatic Object Detection

• Real time APP notification means you will never miss when a new object entres your FOV.

Electronic Image Stabilization;

• Provides clear and precise images, even in scenes with lots of motion.

Long Detection Range

• With up to 50mm objective lens and advanced thermal imaging hardware, it boasts an exceptional detection range of up to 5,556 meters in complete darkness.

Features & Specifications:

  • Pixels pacing 12um
  • Spectral range 8 14urn
  • Frame rate 5CH7
  • Objective lens 20/40 F1.0 Dual. FOV 
  • FOV Field of view 13.1"x9.9" 6.6"x4.9" 
  • Magnification 1.9X-3.8X 
  • Zoom 1-6X
  • Color palette 6
  • Image model WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Mode; Object Mode Display MilOI FD
  • Type Resolution 1024x768
  • Display size 0.39 inch


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Thermtec Cyclops D-series CP340D Dual-FOV Monocular 384 12um 25mk 20/40 - TALON GEAR

Thermtec Cyclops D-series CP340D Dual-FOV Monocular 384 12um 25mk 20/40


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