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ThermTec Vidar 335 / 335LRF Thermal Rifle Scope


ThermTec Vidar 335 / 335LRF Thermal Rifle Scope

The Vidar Series thermal imaging hunting scopes by Thermtec are the ultimate companion for hunters seeking unrivaled precision and accuracy. With advanced thermal imaging technology, these scopes provide clear and detailed visuals, even in challenging lighting conditions. Whether you are tracking elusive game or surveying your surroundings, the Vidar Series ensures that every target is within your sight. Engineered for durability and reliability, these scopes are built to withstand the toughest outdoor expeditions. With a range of innovative features and intuitive controls, the Vidar Series empowers hunters to take their skills to the next level, enhancing their chances of success in every hunting endeavor.

Vidar Series thermal imaging sight, the new generation intelligent thermal sight, is equipped with 12µm detector, 1024 AMOLED display and F/1.0 germanium optics, which helps to get clear view under harsh environments, even in poor visibility or total darkness. The compact dimension makes the rifle scope a light and handy companion wherever you go.

LRF or a Laser Rangefinder is a device used to measure distances. Thermal imaging is a wonderful and powerful technology, and when coupled with a laser rangefinder in it, it takes the highest reign in the hunting and shooting world. As a rangefinder scope, the laser rangefinder with ballistic calculator realizes a long range targets measurement and an accurate shooting. 


Features & Specifications:

  • Compact design, video recording and snapshot.
  • Built-in memory chip up to 64GB.
  • 384x288 thermal resolution, with NETD≤25mk
  • Automatic object detection.
  • Optional Laser ranging distance measurement up to
  • More accurate ballistic calculation.
  • Picture in picture & RAV function.
  • 1x--5x continuous digital zoom.
  • Two modes of Rapid and Smooth zoom.
  • Various pesudo colors and crosshair function
    Polarity reversal for crosshairs.
  • Easy battery installation.
  • 18650 Batteries.
  • Charger Included.
  • Up to 11h continuous working for lithium battery.
  • 1024*768 resolution with 0.39 inch OLED display.
  • Support easy shift of dual-field of view : focal -length of 20/60mm.

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ThermTec Vidar 335 / 335LRF Thermal Rifle Scope - TALON GEAR

ThermTec Vidar 335 / 335LRF Thermal Rifle Scope


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