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In the first of our product spotlights Rab and the team are looking at an illuminated GPO rifle scope they know all too well, the German Precision Optics Spectra 5X 3-15x56i, in G4 reticle. 

Hope you guys find the blog and video helpful, and do get in touch with any ideas for future reviews or questions you have about this kit.

Product/Item Summary:

German Precision Optics (GPO) manufacture this scope, and although not household names, you can expect the high levels of engineering and quality as associate with the Ziess and Swarovskis of this world.

Spectra 5X 3-15x56i is a designed with hunting in mind, with magnification ranging from 3x to 15x, and an objective lens of 56 millimeters.

The “i” in 56i stands for an illuminated reticle, something the guys up here make good use of at first and last low light conditions. This model is has the G4i recticle which stands for German 4i, you can see the image of it below.

It’s a 30mm tube and typically we’re using this sort of scope on full bore rifles for deer management.

Product Spotlight Video:

 Jump into Rab's video review below.


Lets get into the details - GPO SPECTRA Features:

Physical Specs

Scope length comes in at 37.5 cm, the weight is 830 grams so its not a heavy scope by any means, it has a 30mm tube and a height of 63.5mm.


The G4i variant of this scope is in our opinion a great option for UK hunters, a simple, unclutters crosshair, nice a fine, with an illuminated red dot in the centre. For us as hunters we really do enjoy this type of illuminated rifle scope, it works well in the field. See below.

German Precision Optics Illuminated Hunting Reticle G4i - Premium hunting scope with illuminated G4i reticle for exceptional precision and accuracy in low-light conditions


Fiber optic illumination

The adjustment of the illuminated reticle is a simple, even when dealing with cold or gloved hands. Simply utilise the adjustment dial located on the side of the scope.

Smoothly modify the illumination level with the aid of a side turret, providing seamless transitions between settings. As you rotate the turret, the strength gradually increases until reaching its peak at the eighth level.

At the highest brightness setting, the illumination becomes powerful enough to be visible even in bright daylight. During low-light situations, you have the flexibility to adjust it to a comfortable level.

The illumination system operates on a single CR2032 battery, conveniently placed in an easily accessible battery compartment.

Automatic turn-off feature and power indicator

I’ve been caught out many times with this one, putting the rifle back in the safe with the illumination on!

To optimise battery usage, the rifle scope comes with an automatic turn-off feature that deactivates the illumination three hours after your last adjustment.

Furthermore, the scope incorporates a power indicator that alerts you when the battery is running low. When the battery needs replacement, the illumination will flash, serving as a clear indicator.

Parallax adjustment

Located on the left-side turret, the parallax adjustment allows for a range from 10 meters to infinity. Fine-tuning the parallax is easy due to its exceptionally smooth adjustment mechanism. The turret's grip provides a comfortable and pleasant feel.

Enhancing usability, the parallax turret is equipped with a convenient numbering system in meters, serving as a helpful reference for estimating measurements.

Elevation turret

The elevation and windage turrets on this hunting rifle scope are both equipped with good quality screw on caps. The elevation turret features clicks of 0.1 MIL or one centimetre per click at 100 meters. It is designed as a multi-turn turret, allowing for multiple revolutions in each direction. With one complete turn, it provides 60 centimetres of elevation at 100 meters, equivalent to 6 MIL. The overall elevation range spans 25 MIL.

The clicks and the feel on the elevation turret are reassuring, like what you would expect on the top rifle scope brands. The turret's design and engineering precisely executed, adjustment is effortless.

If longer range shooting is you can very easily adjust your zero using the turret, personally I use hold over in most cases.

Windage turret

The windage turret mirrors the features of the elevation turret, offering 3 MILs of travel in both directions and a total windage range of 25 MILs. Similar to the elevation turret, it is of the multi-turn type.

The windage turret's clicks are distinct and precise, providing a satisfying tactile and audible feedback. They require a moderate amount of force to turn, ensuring that accidental adjustments are unlikely even when handling the scope roughly.

Resetting the turret to zero for both elevation and windage is done in the same manner. To reset the windage turret, carefully remove the upper part of the turret while ensuring that no unintended adjustments are made during the unscrewing process.

Resetting the turrets to zero

The elevation and windage turrets are both designed with a convenient zero-reset feature.

To reset the turret, begin by removing the upper part. Once you have successfully adjusted your riflescope to the zero position, rotate the middle part of the turret until it is oriented forward. Finally, securely screw the upper part back into place.

This a real easy process does not require any additional tools and ensures a precise and accurate reset for your riflescope.

Magnification ring

The magnification ring has a comfortable grip and is smooth and easy to use out in the field. We usually leave it on 8 magnification to aid target acquisition but its just a personal preference.

There is a throw lever that comes with the scope, this allows a really refined operation. We tend not to use them though as they get snagged on trees etc.

GPO Spectra 5 X Rifle Scope - High-definition optics, adjustable scope for accurate aiming in hunting and target shooting activities


What sets the GPO Spectra 5X apart?

Ok so we’ve talked about build quality which is great, but what really strikes you about this scope is the optical performance, at this price point, for hunting in low light conditions, this is hard to beat.

What's in the box, Warranty & Aftercare:

You get a 10 year warranty on this scope from GPO, and I can attest that the aftercare and customer service is what you’d expect from a German Optics company, top class.

Hunters Perspective:

So that’s the specs, but what we care about as Hunters it how it can make your life easier and more successful out in the field right?

Rabs Review:

I’ve been using this scope for a number of seasons now, we sell these, but I bought mine before we started Talon Gear.

I can honestly say for the type of hunting that we do up here in Scotland, which is predominantly forest and hill deer stalking, often in very low light conditions or crappy weather, this scope is performs really well.

I’m luck enough to own quite a few different brands of scope in and around this price range and this one stands up to all of them. Its superb.

Main Pros and Cons:


  • Low light performance is superb
  • Build quality, its solid
  • The fine reticle and illumination is great for hunters
  • Price, its a lot of performance for the money


  • Throw lever can catch on trees
  • They could have included a battery in the box
  • 10 year warranty, while you may not need it, doesn’t live up to the lifetime options on the competition

Round Up:

If you’re looking for a workhorse scope for hunting in the UK this scope ticks all the boxes, solid, great low light performance and a really competitive price. We love it and use it on a daily basis in all the conditions Scotland can throw at it! It stacks up against all the competitors in its price range and even gives some of the bigger brands a run for their money. Is this the best illuminated rifle scope you can get your hands on at this level…its up there for sure.

Buy it now: 

Want to get your hands on one of these scopes, click on the image below and it will take you to the product page on our site. If you've any questions on this or need advice on your next bit of hunting kit, just drop us a call.



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