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Viper-Flex Styx Pro


Viper-Flex Styx Pro Shooting Sticks

Viper-Flex® Styx PRO is a strong and very stable set of shooting sticks to be used for prone, sitting, kneeling and standing shooting position. The unique design means that you get solid support for taking your shots, thereby reducing the risk of wounding the quarry.

The four-legged Viper-Flex® Styx PRO can also be used as a one-legged or two-legged shooting stick for stalking and driven hunting. The shooting sticks can furthermore be used to support a pair of binoculars during the hunt.


Features & Specifications:

•    Lightweight edition, pipes in full carbon
•    Single-hand operated
•    Wide front covers a 20m wide area, at 100 meters distance, without moving
•    The rubber feet, suitable for hard, smoother and as well as tread on soft surfaces
•    Rubberized legs reduce noise and ensures better grip and handling
•    Suitable for shooters up to 2.10 m
•    Shortest length (when retracted) 110 cm
•    Easy and quick adjustment to the desired height
•    Weight 0.85 kg


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Viper-Flex Styx Pro - TALON GEAR

Viper-Flex Styx Pro


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